Why Kappa Sigma? Because you owe it to yourself.


Scholarship is a high priority in Kappa Sigma. The Brothers of Kappa-Mu Chapter are committed to performing at a high level academically. Three local scholarships administered by the Alumni Association and the national Scholarship/Leadership Awards reward and support brothers who achieve at a high level. The chapter consistently has a significant number of brothers on the dean’s list and most semesters a number of brothers have 4.0 gpas. Brothers support each other academically and often study and work together to succeed.


Service is important for developing a well rounded member of the community. Kappa Sigma nationally is the leading philanthropic donor in dollars and hours in the college greek world. Kappa-Mu chapter is active in several service projects including the annual South Seas philanthropy week, a Tennessee Marine Family 5K, adopt-a-highway, and active participation in a number of other greek organization philanthropies. Developing brothers who are committed to giving back and assisting their communities is essential as a Kappa Sigma.


Leadership development is one area in which membership in Kappa Sigma can greatly enhance the college experience. At Kappa-Mu there are many opportunities to be involved in leadership positions. The seven member executive committee also administers a committee system that handles all aspects of chapter operations. Many brothers also serve as representatives to the Interfraternity Council and often Kappa-Mu Brothers are involved on the IFC executive council. These opportunities to lead are critical for gaining valuable experience.


Fellowship within the Kappa-Mu chapter is the foundation upon which our successes are built. The members are true brothers who can rely on each other for friendship and support. The house at 525 North Walnut becomes a true home away from home in Cookeville. The brothers of this chapter are very likely to become lifelong friends - not only are they there for you during college but throughout life. The bond that is formed between brothers is hard to describe but is truly a gift to those who become brothers.

Once a Kappa Sigma - always a Kappa Sigma. You can always come home.



All members are in college for an education. From its earliest beginnings in Renaissance Italy, Kappa Sigma has existed to promote scholarship among its members. Brothers help you learn about the campus, provide advice on professors and classes and help you study for those important assignments.

At Kappa-Mu scholarship is a priority that is supported by the Scholarship Committee. Study hours are encouraged and the chapter tries to provide the resources necessary for success in the challenging academic environment of TTU.

New members are paired with a Big Brother who is charged with watching over their Little Brother to ensure academic performance that is at or above the level Kappa Sigma expects. Each semester scholarship workshops are held that focus on building academic skills and gpa goal setting. Additionally, the alumni association offers a new member scholarship each year to a high performing student academically.

Download the annual TTU Kappa Sigma Scholarship Application.

  • South Seas Philanthropy

    South Seas

    For the annual South Seas Philanthropy, Brothers take a break from studying to man the University Center table.

  • Campus Awards Night

    A Formal Affair

    Current President, Brenden Phillips, leads a group of brothers headed to a campus awards banquet.

  • A stroll across campus

    Better Together

    Brothers team up in majors and classes to keep up with assignments and study for tests.

  • Rush

    Always Someone New

    Brother’s preparing for a session at Rush describing the ideals of Kappa Sigma including our emphasis on Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Fellowship.


  • Annual TN Marine Family 5K

    Brothers and supporters brave the rain and cold temperatures to run in the Tennessee Marine Family 5K hosted in April each year.

  • 2013 5K Winners

    Winners and participants gather after the completion of the Tennessee Marine Family 5K that typically raises over two thousand dollars for the organization.

  • She's got his number

    Brother and Rush Chair Storm Beeler gets his Tennessee Marine 5K number pinned onto his shirt. Apparently he is deathly afraid of pins.

  • Tennessee Marine Family

    Brothers of Kappa-Mu receive a plaque showing the appreciation of the Tennessee Marine Family organization to the chapter.

  • 5K Sponsors

    Jordan Young, Hunter Surles, and Devin Bradshaw hold up signs representing a few of the Tennessee Marine Family 5K sponsors.


Kappa Mu is very involved in community service. We have done countless activities over the past year. Area’s of volunteering include working at the local Goodwill, picking up trash along the stretch of highway we have adopted in town and sponsoring a relay for life team.

We also participate in the other greek organizations philanthropic events throughout the year. In 2012 the chapter won Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash for the second consecutive year and placed highly in several other greek sponsored philanthropies.

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity has recently adopted two annual days of service. The members of chapters all over the nation participate in service oriented projects at the local level. In the 2012-2013 inaugural year of the National Kappa Sigma Day of Service chapters across the nation donated more than 240K dollars and 72K hours. In the past two years, Kappa Sigma’s donated over 600K hours of service and well over $3.5 million. Kappa-Mu has been a proud contributor to Kappa Sigma’s national success by donating over 6K hours and nearly $20K in the past two years.



The primary elected leadership consists of the seven member Executive Council, the Rush Chairmen, and the Pledge Educator. In addition to the elected positions there are many committee chair positions. These include philanthropy, alumni relations, scholarship, and many other aspects of chapter operations.

Brothers are also encouraged to be leaders in the greater campus community. The Interfraternity Council frequently often has leadership from our chapter. Brothers are also involved as Student Ambassadors in various departments and work with the Admissions Office as Student Representatives. Many of these campus leaders began developing their leadership skills as members of the Kappa-Mu chapter in their first semester as pledges.

Nationally, the Kappa-Mu chapter is active as a leading chapter in the fraternity. Every two years, brothers attend a national Leadership Conference to develop skills for effectively managing and leading the chapter. Several members of the chapter Executive Committee have been recognized as Outstanding Leaders by Kappa Sigma at national meetings.

  • District Awards

    Brothers from across Kappa-Mu’s district celebrate the incredible 44 awards earned at the national meeting. Kappa-Mu was responsible for 16 of those awards.

  • Campus Awards

    Brothers are ready for the Campus Awards dinner.

  • South Seas

    Brothers help run the annual South Sea’s philanthropy week which earns money for the Military Heroes Campaign.

  • Homecoming

    At homecoming, Kappa-Mu brothers actively participate in the week’s competitions.

  • Number One. Second To None.

    Kappa Sigma is currently the largest and most successful Fraternity in the world. The fraternity works hard to create outstanding leaders on college campuses across North America.


  • Around the House

    Brothers hanging out with sisters from the Phi-Mu Sorority and enjoying some competitive foosball.

  • Home Away From Home

    Some of the brothers gather on the front porch of the house for a group picture.

  • Photo Op

    Brothers hanging out on campus as a new semester kicks off.

  • Intramurals

    A crowd gathers at the intramurals field to cheer on and support the Kappa Sigma’s.

  • Spring RUSH

    Brothers enjoy a hottest wing eating competition at a rush event at the chapter house.


Fellowship is one of the key reasons to join a fraternity. At Kappa-Mu the brothers enjoy a strong bond that extends throughout life. That bond begins with the time spent just hanging out at the chapter house at 525 North Walnut. Over a dozen brothers live in the house at any given time but the other brothers hang out there very often. The house offers members a home away from home that is always open to them throughout college and even as alumni.

All of the formal activities of the chapter help brothers to grow closer, but it is often the day to day activities that make brothers truly rely and depend upon each other. Volleyball, cookouts, study sessions, clean-up sessions, and just watching TV in the chapter living room all contribute to the incredible bonds that will form. The undergraduate brothers of the chapter will truly be the guys who are depended on to be groomsmen in weddings, god parents to children, and lifelong best friends.